The Right (and Imperative) to Disconnect

offlineThe big eye roll commenced as soon as the news was made public that the French had enacted one more law to ‘protect’ workers, adding to what many view as the French penchant for numbing their own economy with overly zealous social reforms.  Companies of more than 50 employees now must set up hours when workers are not supposed to send or respond to emails, normally during evenings and weekends, in an effort to aid work/life balance. Continue reading

Don’t Neglect the White Space

sparito musicale su leggioTake a moment to reflect on what is beautiful about just visualizing a page of poetry or a sheet of music.  What makes it so pleasing, even if you don’t appreciate the poetry or can’t read the music?  In both, there is ample white space.  The page is not filled to the margins with text or type. Continue reading