De-Politicizing the Work Environment

De-Politicizing-the-Work-EnvironmentThis letter to a national news columnist describes an employee’s stress over what he describes as near-constant political discussion at work, not surprising, perhaps, given its prominence in the media.

The columnist offers advice to the employee about how to even-handedly discuss with fellow employees a preference to not hear the political rhetoric, and even to force the attention of the company’s Human Resources department if he feels the situation is stressful enough. Continue reading

Too Tired to Change

Five-year-olds are a source of great wisdom, if only we listened more often for the lessons they can teach us.  In response to an earlier bedtime imposed by her mother at the start of the school year, Elizabeth said, “Mommy, last week we changed what we eat because Daddy is on a diet.  Yesterday we had to get out warm clothes and put away my sandals.  And now you want me to go to bed at a new time and go to school every day.  I’m just too tired to change one more time.”
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