Creating the Best Personal ‘Brand’

Creating the Best Personal ‘Brand’It’s the new ‘hot topic’ – how to create a brand for yourself.  Dozens of articles have been written about it, even in such august publications as Forbes.  Some of the advice out there isn’t bad, but in general, it has one major flaw: it focuses on how to get yourself noticed, not how to assure that you are what you’re selling. Continue reading

Intentional Career Growth– Laura’s Story

woman in formal wear walking up stairsLaura wanted to grow herself and her reputation – in a big way.  She had set her sights on roles in the organization with major impact, and she knew that, despite a robust reputation for getting things done as a stellar project manager, she needed to demonstrate a much broader skill set.  And she needed to also recreate the organization’s image of her as one-dimensional, strong in just a few exceptional skills that drowned out any others.  Laura accomplished this monumental self-renewal in a short period of time, through a set of careful, consistent and intentional actions.  She’s a poster child for responsible career growth – and she agreed to share her plan!  Here are some of what Laura found to be the keys to her intentional career growth. Continue reading