The Rain in Spain

The Rain in SpainMany of us remember the Pygmalion story of Eliza Doolittle, the Cockney flower-seller who was turned into a social experiment by Professor Henry Higgins, who bet a colleague he could turn this crass, accented person into a ‘real lady’.

Professor Higgins did his job, but Eliza didn’t let go of her spunk, and in the process, she changed Professor Higgins as much as he changed her. Continue reading

Bucking the System without Blocking Your Career

Bucking BroncoHow many times have you found yourself wanting to take a different stand than the conventions of your organization dictate?  Or wanting to take a different path than the one ‘prescribed’ by organizational norms?  And how often have you hesitated to be so bold, concerned about the potential impact these actions might have on your career?

Organizational culture and norms are strong magnets pulling actions in a common direction, and getting outside that magnetic field without flying off the grid is not easy.  Yet, if there were never any challenges to those norms, there would be no innovation.  It is to the organization’s benefit to keep the cultural door cracked open. Continue reading