How New Leadership Positions are Like New Sports Cars

How New Leadership Positions are Like New Sports CarsLanding an exciting new position is like getting the keys to a shiny new Ferrari – you’re exhilarated, ripe with anticipation, eager to test your skill.  But….. how do you get the thing started?

The analogy is probably truer than we realize, because even if you salivated over that Ferrari for years, it’s intimidating to get behind the wheel, realize the power you have to channel, figure out all the mechanics and electronics, test your limits behind the wheel, and make it really perform! Continue reading

Fate or Quest – What’s Your Choice?

Busy Person Attaching Many Sticky Notes On Large Window“I’m just not cut out for a senior leader role,” said Jessie. “I keep getting stuck. People won’t collaborate with me.”

“And what do you need to do about that?” asked her coach.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe I’d be better off just going back to managing my own division. Maybe that’s what was meant to be.” Continue reading