Revisiting the Multiplier Leader

Revisiting the Multiplier LeaderThink for a moment about the best boss or mentor you ever had.  What traits made him or her so precious?  Chances are good that many of those esteemed traits would revolve around how well that boss or mentor helped you to grow as a leader in your own right, offering autonomy, encouragement, and support.  Acting as a coach and guide.  Giving opportunities to try out new skills, and making sure you succeeded in new ventures. Continue reading

From Manager to Leader to Multiplier: 4 Characteristics of a Multiplier Leader

In distinguishing between management and leadership, a common – and good – differentiation is that we have an obligation to obey managers, but we choose to follow leaders.  That has engendered a whole literature on what it takes to be a leader who is worthy of being followed, and it’s resulted in training of leaders to be more strategic, more compelling, better delegators, better communicators.  And yet, the essence of what makes an outstanding leader is not about what he/she does personally; it’s about what he/she does in relation to other people.  The best – the very best – leaders make more leaders.  They develop leaders out of every person they encounter and multiply their value to an organization. Continue reading