The Altruism Revolution

The Altruism RevolutionEckhart Tolle, the author of A New Earth, tells a story of a businessman who spent two years of intense stress developing a new product that would make a lot of money for his company.  He succeeded in developing the highly successful product, but Tolle questions the definition of success: Continue reading

The Generation Gap – Don’t Just Bridge It; Fill It In

Several weeks ago, I was asked to be a panelist at a discussion on generational differences among leaders/emerging leaders.  The topic was a lively one.  The themes had changed surprisingly little since I sat on the other side of the generation gap more than thirty years ago.  The Baby Boomers were seen by the Millenials to be mired in outdated ideas, and unable or unwilling to see and respond to a different kind of future demanded by a rapidly changing world.  The younger generations criticized the Baby Boomers as tired and cynical, devoid of idealism.  The Boomers, for their part, wondered aloud about the ‘I’ rather than ‘we’ orientation they perceive from Millenials, questioning how that would serve the organizations in which they worked.  They accused Millenials of not understanding the importance of loyalty.  At the panel discussion, those stereotypes and others were blown away in positive, candid conversations that organizations would be well-served to replicate. Continue reading