Revisiting the Multiplier Leader

Revisiting the Multiplier LeaderThink for a moment about the best boss or mentor you ever had.  What traits made him or her so precious?  Chances are good that many of those esteemed traits would revolve around how well that boss or mentor helped you to grow as a leader in your own right, offering autonomy, encouragement, and support.  Acting as a coach and guide.  Giving opportunities to try out new skills, and making sure you succeeded in new ventures. Continue reading

Three Personal Development Goals to Sync Your Leadership with the Future

There are many good reasons to set personal goals for our development as leaders – skill growth, enhancement of ability to lead people, strategic thinking ability.  But one question we often forget to ask ourselves in selecting our goals is, “What do I need to develop in order to lead not just today, but in the future?”

Here are three goals you may want to consider for your own development that are tuned to trends.

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How Has ‘The Best of…’ Changed?

There’s no shortage of ‘best of’ lists, especially in the field of management and leadership.  We won’t opine here on whether what’s touted as the best is really the best, pretty good, or OMG-how-did-they-come-up-with-that.  But it is instructive to look at what is tending to make it to the ‘best of’ lists that may never have been seen on the market – or if seen, dismissed – 10 years ago.  What’s considered good information for leaders today, how has it morphed over the years, and why is it emerging? Continue reading

Our Cracks Let the Light In: Vulnerability Opens Possibilities

“Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.”

–  Singer/ songwriter Leonard Cohen

Public speaking is not the biggest fear of leaders.  It is, as one leader so aptly put it, ‘being exposed as a fraud’.  What he was referring to was a fear of being found not to have the answers, of being less than omniscient.  He was referring to fear of being seen as imperfect. Continue reading

Is Your Organization Ready to Run the Obstacle Course of Change?

How often have you tried to implement changes in your organization, and run into the cement wall of resistance, or the mud puddle of confusion, or the high hurdles of political agendas?  Implementing significant changes can feel like running an obstacle course, or worse yet, running it blind.

We tend to think of the forces working against change as capricious spirits that can neither be understood nor tamed.  But the truth is that these forces are predictable.  Continue reading