The Rain in Spain

The Rain in SpainMany of us remember the Pygmalion story of Eliza Doolittle, the Cockney flower-seller who was turned into a social experiment by Professor Henry Higgins, who bet a colleague he could turn this crass, accented person into a ‘real lady’.

Professor Higgins did his job, but Eliza didn’t let go of her spunk, and in the process, she changed Professor Higgins as much as he changed her. Continue reading

Does Your Executive Team Add Value?

Group Of Business People Having Meeting In OfficeLet’s see if you can find familiar ground in any of these common complaints about your senior leadership team.  A senior manager presents the Executive Team with the approach to achieve the company’s most crucial strategy and asks for their blessing to proceed, and….

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The Pinnacle of Leadership

Klettern zum Gipfel am steilen FelsForget the MBA – we’ve condensed all you need to know about being a great leader into a single blog post!  Think that’s oversimplifying?  Well, what we’ve done is look back over almost three years of research around the elements of great leaders, as shared with you in our blog posts over time.  The themes emerge readily.  And while there’s consistency in what it takes to be a good leader, there is downright inspiration in describing the people who are at the pinnacle of leadership. Continue reading

What Do Your Goals Buy You?

fuerza y velocidadIn today’s corporate culture, setting personal goals is part of the landscape.  Most of today’s leaders have learned the value of establishing goals – or have we?  Yes, if our goals are well-considered, they remind us how we fit with an overall company strategy, and they give us something to tick off our list of accomplishments during the year.  And if we meet them successfully, we continue in our careers and might get a nice raise.  Not so bad, you say. Continue reading