Where Will You Be Found?

Where Will You Be Found?Recently I was at a woman’s memorial service in which the son read a poem he had written about his mother.  In the poem he spoke to sifting through all her things – her jewelry, her mementos from countless wonderful foreign trips, her photos, her clothing, to try to ‘find’ her, and each time he noted, “and you were not there”.  But finally, he said, he found her in the indomitable spirit of her children, in the devotion of a young man from another country she had relentlessly befriended, in the warmth in the eyes of the caretakers from her final days who rapidly adopted her as family. Continue reading

4 Leadership Paradigm Shifts: Part 4 – Cash to Contribution

Employee MotivationHere’s a paradigm that actually has not shifted over time: what motivates people to work their best is not money.  The paradigm that is shifting is leaders’ recognition of this fact, and how they are choosing to motivate and engage their workforce.

Despite decades of data showing that cash is not king in engaging people to do their best at work, compensation systems have been the first place leaders have traditionally looked to either reward or signal displeasure with employee performance.  People who have studied compensation reward systems, like author Daniel Pink (Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us), have learned that money is a motivator only up to the point that we have a reasonable amount.  After that, more money is no longer a motivating force.  Commission-based sales organizations know this.  Salespeople will drive for more sales until they are making what they see as a comfortable living.  After that, even increasing commission rates don’t produce more sales. Continue reading