The Myth of Innate Leadership

The Myth of Innate LeadershipWhen you hear something repeatedly put forward as fact, it begins to take on a sacred truth that is hard to disprove:  “The world is flat.”  “Elephants have uniquely excellent memory.”  “Women are more emotional than men.”  And another:  “Leaders are born, not made.” Continue reading

The Pinnacle of Leadership

Klettern zum Gipfel am steilen FelsForget the MBA – we’ve condensed all you need to know about being a great leader into a single blog post!  Think that’s oversimplifying?  Well, what we’ve done is look back over almost three years of research around the elements of great leaders, as shared with you in our blog posts over time.  The themes emerge readily.  And while there’s consistency in what it takes to be a good leader, there is downright inspiration in describing the people who are at the pinnacle of leadership. Continue reading

Leaders Who Never Stop Learning: Six Ways to Keep Growing

Leaders in organizations willingly spend large sums of money to assure that the people in their organizations continue to learn new skills, better methods, and even healthy habits.  But how much do these same leaders reflect on their own learning?  A particularly perverse phenomenon is that as people climb the ladder of success, they believe they’ve reached the pinnacle of learning, and they fail to practice daily the continued learning habits that will enhance their own leadership success.  There are six themes we see in those leaders that just keep on growing in their skills, insights, and abilities.

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