The Altruism Revolution

The Altruism RevolutionEckhart Tolle, the author of A New Earth, tells a story of a businessman who spent two years of intense stress developing a new product that would make a lot of money for his company.  He succeeded in developing the highly successful product, but Tolle questions the definition of success: Continue reading

Idealism – A Negative Word in Your Organization?

Thirty-year-old Beth was vehemently frustrated.  “I can’t open a conversation about any ideas in my company without them getting shot down without even being explored.  And the hand grenade the management lobs is always the same – my ideas are too idealistic.  They say they want more realistic ideas.  What they really mean is that they have a mold, and my ideas don’t fit that mold.  If we continue operating on their idea of reality, this company won’t survive.” Continue reading