Decision-Making Fast and Slow

Decision-Making Fast and SlowDecisions can be relatively inconsequential, but when they are tough ones, one of the complexities leaders face is how quickly they need to make the decision.  As illustrated in last week’s blog post about James Comey’s many decision points, sometimes you have more time to develop good assessments, and other times you don’t.
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Making Solomon’s Choices

Making Solomons ChoicesThe recent firing of James Comey, the FBI Director, highlights a dilemma that many leaders face: how to approach difficult – even no-win – choices when tackling tough challenges.

Comey gives us an audacious role model to examine around his choices to act.  He did things that are either bold or insolent, depending on the eye of the beholder.  And while the political environment exaggerates the effect of his actions, they are situations leaders face frequently.  Let’s look at some of the parallels. Continue reading

Standing Up for a Decision You Don’t Support

Looking to the futureYolanda argued long and eloquently with her peer vice presidents about a proposal that she felt was risky, inconsistent with company values, and would have a negative effect on employees, causing layoffs that she felt were unnecessary.  Despite her well-reasoned thinking, the majority of her colleagues supported the proposal, and a decision was made to move forward with it.  The CEO asked the vice presidents to work out a strong communication plan to their reports, and begin the process of communicating the decision immediately, so that the proposal’s implementation would not be delayed. Continue reading