The 8 Leadership Respect-Busters

Like the infamous slime from the movie Ghost Busters, leaders sometimes coat themselves in a thick goo of respect-busting behaviors.  The capability to offer full respect, as discussed in last week’s blog post, is a crucial skill for leaders.  Yet even the best leaders, well-intentioned, slime themselves from time to time.  There are eight common behaviors that trip up leaders and detract from their reputations as consistently respectful of others.  Here are those common ‘slimes’, and what behaviors prevent the green goo from getting you:

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How Has ‘The Best of…’ Changed?

There’s no shortage of ‘best of’ lists, especially in the field of management and leadership.  We won’t opine here on whether what’s touted as the best is really the best, pretty good, or OMG-how-did-they-come-up-with-that.  But it is instructive to look at what is tending to make it to the ‘best of’ lists that may never have been seen on the market – or if seen, dismissed – 10 years ago.  What’s considered good information for leaders today, how has it morphed over the years, and why is it emerging? Continue reading