Where Will You Be Found?

Where Will You Be Found?Recently I was at a woman’s memorial service in which the son read a poem he had written about his mother.  In the poem he spoke to sifting through all her things – her jewelry, her mementos from countless wonderful foreign trips, her photos, her clothing, to try to ‘find’ her, and each time he noted, “and you were not there”.  But finally, he said, he found her in the indomitable spirit of her children, in the devotion of a young man from another country she had relentlessly befriended, in the warmth in the eyes of the caretakers from her final days who rapidly adopted her as family. Continue reading

What Really Makes a Great Leader?

Certain leaders stand out.  Magazines like Fortune and Time seek out the best each year.  Often, even as we glance at the pictures, we nod our heads in approval.  CNN locates ‘heroes’, and though they’re not known to us, we agree when we hear their stories that they are inspirational leaders.  What resonates so universally that we all can agree that there are great leaders among us?

Gary Burnison, CEO at Korn/Ferry International, recently wrote a blog post about the Fortune Top 50 leaders.  In it, he observed that the most respected leaders are defined by a mission larger than themselves.  “The point is,” he said, “that a mission, or purpose, actually humbles great leaders.” Continue reading