Are You Living in Integrity?

Are You Living in Integrity?Writing in the HuffPost blog on July 30, contributor So-Young Kang talks about a person’s integrity, not as a philosophical concept, but as a lived reality, clarifying all the elements it takes to ‘live’ in integrity.  It’s more than just practicing it; it’s making integrity what you are about.  The post is worth a read.

From Ms. Kang’s post, let’s dive a little more deeply into the elements of the full definition of integrity that she so aptly calls out: Continue reading

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain SightHow often have you chuckled at your little kids as they ‘hide’ from you under a blanket, their big lump giving them away immediately?  Or under a table, where they can’t see your face but you can see the little legs and arms sticking out?

Children are not the only ones who try to hide in plain sight, oblivious to the gigantic clues they leave as to their whereabouts.  People do it at work, too – and when it’s a leader doing the hiding, it’s not nearly as cute as it is with kids. Continue reading

Leadership Trend – Honesty and Transparency

Loyalty and trustAccording to Forbes contributor Dan Schawbel, one of the ten most significant 2015 workplace trends for 2015 is this one:  “Honesty becomes a revered leadership trait.”  After the initial temptation to dismiss it with a snicker, we wondered what made Dan elevate that one behavioral trait to a top position in a sea of more statistically-defined trends such as hiring practices. Continue reading