Rules of Civility

Rules of CivilityOverheard in a workplace conversation from an older worker to a younger one, “Please compliment your parents for having raised a very well-bred young man.”  The young man had not done anything terribly special.  But he had asked the opinion of the older man, had said, “thank you” when advice had been offered, and had added how he might apply that advice. Continue reading

Is Your Decision-Making Process Ethical?

Worried businesswoman receiving notificationDyonne was feeling conflicted.  The decision made by her executive team of peers was well-researched, vetted by a diverse group, and followed a similar set of decisions made in the industry.  Yet Dyonne’s gut was unsettled.  This decision made her feel squeamish.  As she shared it in confidence with a trusted advisor, she admitted that she didn’t want to have her name associated with it.  The bottom line was that Dyonne felt the decision had some ethical problems that she had a hard time reconciling. Continue reading