The Gift of Uncommon Skills

The Gift of Uncommon SkillsWant to give your employees a gift that will last a lifetime?  Give them skills that transcend their current job.  In fact, give them skills that transcend any one job – that are valued no matter what job they are in.  Help them to be the value players no matter where they play.  In so doing, you also make them more valuable to you and your own organization, because you benefit from their enhanced abilities in these timeless talents. Continue reading

Helping an Employee – or Are You?

Helping an Employee - or Are You?Ella steamed out of Diane’s office and directly to her mentor, Greg. “She did it again!  She knows the recommendations I gave her for the Highlands project are going to resolve all the issues the customer has raised, yet once again, she had to ‘help’. She just couldn’t resist offering her own little ‘improvements’. Why can’t she ever just say, “nice job, Ella”?” Continue reading