Beware the Handy Emotions

DecisionToo much of a good thing is too much of a good thing.  That applies to everything in life, doesn’t it?  Lovely red wine that’s healthy for the body can become too much red wine that causes accidents.  Overdone exercise can become a cause of injuries.  Doting on children can lead to irresponsible adults.  The balance is always difficult.

And so it is with the advice to extend your emotions as a leader.  On balance, wonderful things happen when you operate from your best emotional self in the tricky interpersonal relationships that are the crux of leadership.  And yet, we can’t take for granted that just ‘more of’ means ‘better’. Continue reading

Should Leaders Be Emotional?

There’s a Mars – Venus issue that often comes up in conversations around the workplace.  “She’s too emotional to be an effective leader.”  “He’s unfeeling; no one wants to work for him.”  While the question often gets a gender bent, the underlying dilemma is real – what is an appropriate expression of emotion for a leader?  It’s troubling for leaders of both genders, as evidenced by questions and concerns we hear frequently – and even by the very reasons people seek coaching. Continue reading