Decision-Making Fast and Slow

Decision-Making Fast and SlowDecisions can be relatively inconsequential, but when they are tough ones, one of the complexities leaders face is how quickly they need to make the decision.  As illustrated in last week’s blog post about James Comey’s many decision points, sometimes you have more time to develop good assessments, and other times you don’t.
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The Perils of Decision-Making: A Checklist for Making Good Decisions

DecisionOf all the things we do as leaders, the one that is most front-and-center in our day-to-day lives is making decisions.  We make dozens of them every day, sometimes intuitively with little thought, and sometimes with gut-wrenching uncertainty and procrastination.  You’d think that a skill so essential to our work would be the first thing taught in our MBA classes, but was it for you?  Bet not. Continue reading