Traditionalist or Disruptor?

Traditionalist or Disruptor?Today’s leaders can learn a lot of lessons from the upheaval in the political environment – some highly useful, and some perhaps not to be emulated.   But one friction point that is creating a useful dialogue for reflection right now is whether it is better to defend and promote the value of traditional values, norms and ways of doing things – or conversely, to embrace disruption as a means to jar a tired old system into needed action. Continue reading

Are We Ready for This Change?

‘Planning for change’.  It’s showing up in more job descriptions.  Even when it’s not in the job descriptions, it’s inherent in the job.  Change is part of every leader’s work these days.  We’ve talked in these blogs about being cognizant of the importance of thoughtful change management as you plan for changes.  But there’s a big step many leaders forget to take before plowing into their planning.  When is the last time you seriously asked the question, “Are we ready for this change?” Continue reading