The Myth of the Super Leader

The Myth of the Super LeaderThe cover of a recent publication shouts, “Wanted: Super Leaders”.  Obviously, they’re wanted because they’ve not yet been found.  Expectations continue to build for finding people who combine a set of traits that are a cross between the Dalai Lama’s serenity, Steve Jobs’ drive, Einstein’s intellect, and God’s omniscience.  Are you ready to take on the challenge? Continue reading

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed….

Happy New Year 2017 background with HorseshoeThe end of a year and start of a new one brings time for reflection – and sometimes resolutions.  We’re not fond of resolutions.  The intent is good, but the assumption is they’ll be incompletely implemented, at best.

Instead, we’d like to guide you through a brief time of reflection, building an image in your mind of who you are and what you might want to add to the picture.  The brain is amazing in its capability, and if you absorb a picture that you like, it will help direct you toward it.  So let’s do a little work on building that picture of you. Continue reading