Is Self-Actualization All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Is Self-Actualization All It’s Cracked Up to Be?In the 1960s, psychologist Abraham Maslow popularized a hierarchy of individual needs that culminated in what he characterized as a basic human desire for self-actualization.  His theory was premised on an understanding of people as wanting to reach both personal fulfillment and a connection with the external world.  He saw self-actualization as an end state in which people found meaning in their lives and used their personal self-fulfillment in positive ways as they lived within their environments.  But clearly, his focal attention was on the individual more than on the society in which the individual operated. Continue reading

Confidence – The Elusive Objective

The word confidence revealed by a missing jigsaw puzzle pieceDutch actress Sylvia Kristel sums up what so many of us have felt along our leadership journeys:  “Self-confidence for me is a fragile fleece.”

I can relate.  Picture this point in a career.  I was recruited hard by a top executive to take on a brand new job to build a new function.  I’d had notable successes up until then, and felt ready and intrigued by the challenge of a poorly defined but crucially needed area of work.  Continue reading