Revisiting the Multiplier Leader

Revisiting the Multiplier LeaderThink for a moment about the best boss or mentor you ever had.  What traits made him or her so precious?  Chances are good that many of those esteemed traits would revolve around how well that boss or mentor helped you to grow as a leader in your own right, offering autonomy, encouragement, and support.  Acting as a coach and guide.  Giving opportunities to try out new skills, and making sure you succeeded in new ventures.

Real leaders create more leaders.  They don’t do it because they want admiration.  They see developing everyone they touch as a sacred duty and as part of the legacy they are called to leave.  If you look closely, aren’t these the leaders you really appreciate and admire?

Are you one of these leaders?  Check yourself against the defining traits:

From Manager to Leader to Multiplier: 4 Characteristics of a Multiplier Leader

If you want to become one of these leaders (and we would argue that you aren’t a leader until you learn how to ‘multiply’), what are some ways to train yourself to excel in multiplying the contributions of others?

Look first at what personal mindset it demands of you:

Great Leaders Lift All the Boats

And then look at some of the practices that great multiplier leaders exercise in order to grow others.

How Inspiring People Developers Create Incredible Growth

Shepherd Leadership: Five Ways of Guiding from Behind

Be aware of pitfalls that many leaders encounter as they try to develop others – not just employees, but in trying to help develop peers as well.

Co-opting Your Employee’s Development

Offering Help to a Fellow Leader

Take note of the words of Jack Welch, a famed business leader:  “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”


Written by Marge Combe, VMC Consultant

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