The Five-Minute Emotional Intelligence Assessment

The Five-Minute Emotional Intelligence AssessmentDo people like you, respect you, and want to work with you?  Are you caring and supportive?  OK, check that box – you’re emotionally intelligent.  Not so fast, says emotional intelligence guru Daniel Goleman in a recent Harvard Business Review article. Continue reading

The Five-Minute Self-Assessment

The Five-Minute Self-AssessmentDon’t you love those 360-degree assessments you get on occasion?  It’s pretty painful, many times, to face the mirror and know that others see the warts we didn’t even notice.  But the truth is, we’re not always good at recognizing the warts.  Those warts are called ‘blind spots’ for a reason.  And like the blind spot in your car, they contribute to dangerous situations.  So it’s good to know what career accidents we might avoid by actually inviting an assessment of those blind spots. Continue reading

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain SightHow often have you chuckled at your little kids as they ‘hide’ from you under a blanket, their big lump giving them away immediately?  Or under a table, where they can’t see your face but you can see the little legs and arms sticking out?

Children are not the only ones who try to hide in plain sight, oblivious to the gigantic clues they leave as to their whereabouts.  People do it at work, too – and when it’s a leader doing the hiding, it’s not nearly as cute as it is with kids. Continue reading

Assumptions: A Sometimes Faulty Shortcut

Assumptions: A Sometimes Faulty ShortcutIn the New York Times of December 29, 2016, a blind man wrote about his frustration with a law firm coworker who offered to make his coffee in the morning.  He was ruffled by his own assumption that she judged him incapable of doing this small task.  One day he confronted her:

“I appreciate your help,” he said testily, “but I can make a cup of coffee.  I do it every morning.” Continue reading

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed….

Happy New Year 2017 background with HorseshoeThe end of a year and start of a new one brings time for reflection – and sometimes resolutions.  We’re not fond of resolutions.  The intent is good, but the assumption is they’ll be incompletely implemented, at best.

Instead, we’d like to guide you through a brief time of reflection, building an image in your mind of who you are and what you might want to add to the picture.  The brain is amazing in its capability, and if you absorb a picture that you like, it will help direct you toward it.  So let’s do a little work on building that picture of you. Continue reading

The Simple Presence of a Leader

Meditating in the morning“Your true home is in the here and the now.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen teacher

What an intriguing quote to use to promote leadership, when we are bombarded by advice to become more strategic and future-oriented.  None of that advice is improper.  But leaders often under-estimate the importance of exhibiting ‘presence’. Continue reading

Confidence – The Elusive Objective

The word confidence revealed by a missing jigsaw puzzle pieceDutch actress Sylvia Kristel sums up what so many of us have felt along our leadership journeys:  “Self-confidence for me is a fragile fleece.”

I can relate.  Picture this point in a career.  I was recruited hard by a top executive to take on a brand new job to build a new function.  I’d had notable successes up until then, and felt ready and intrigued by the challenge of a poorly defined but crucially needed area of work.  Continue reading

The Leader’s Guide to Fear

The Leader’s Guide to FearWould you admit to having fear as a leader?  Nah, we rise above such unworthy emotions and carry the flag forward!  Right?  Or not so fast.  Here are some ‘fear’ words we hear in the privacy of the coaching relationship:

Continue reading

Fate or Quest – What’s Your Choice?

Busy Person Attaching Many Sticky Notes On Large Window“I’m just not cut out for a senior leader role,” said Jessie. “I keep getting stuck. People won’t collaborate with me.”

“And what do you need to do about that?” asked her coach.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Maybe I’d be better off just going back to managing my own division. Maybe that’s what was meant to be.” Continue reading

Leadership Reflections on the 2016 Election Campaign

Election 2016 USA concept. the elephant and donkey Chess boardWell, thank goodness that’s over!  The U.S. presidential election has been a long and wearying slog. And it’s more than tempting to just put it behind us and move on. No more bombardment with ads and media frenzies.

But instead, we’d like to take a moment to reflect with you on what this election illustrates about leadership. It is better than an MBA course in highlighting things no leader should forget – or at least ignore at his peril. Here goes! Continue reading