Beware the Handy Emotions

DecisionToo much of a good thing is too much of a good thing.  That applies to everything in life, doesn’t it?  Lovely red wine that’s healthy for the body can become too much red wine that causes accidents.  Overdone exercise can become a cause of injuries.  Doting on children can lead to irresponsible adults.  The balance is always difficult.

And so it is with the advice to extend your emotions as a leader.  On balance, wonderful things happen when you operate from your best emotional self in the tricky interpersonal relationships that are the crux of leadership.  And yet, we can’t take for granted that just ‘more of’ means ‘better’. Continue reading

The Right (and Imperative) to Disconnect

offlineThe big eye roll commenced as soon as the news was made public that the French had enacted one more law to ‘protect’ workers, adding to what many view as the French penchant for numbing their own economy with overly zealous social reforms.  Companies of more than 50 employees now must set up hours when workers are not supposed to send or respond to emails, normally during evenings and weekends, in an effort to aid work/life balance. Continue reading

The Generative Work of a Leader

man and woman look at the cityA wise CEO, Rob, recently described to me what he’s looking for in the leaders he asks to join his organization: “We need leaders who keep their eyes up instead of down in the details, who can ‘see around corners’.  It’s like when you learn to drive a car: first you’re focused just over the hood, but then you need to learn to look ahead to the next stoplight, and the best drivers are looking for what’s around the corners.” Continue reading

What Leadership Teams Can Learn from Boards of Directors’ Roles

business meetingLiterature on board roles and responsibilities is remarkably consistent in defining crucial priorities and roles for Board Directors.  In fact, it’s a lot clearer and more uniform than literature on the crucial priorities and roles of leadership teams – so much so that there is plenty to learn from the literature on Boards that applies directly to your leadership team.  Let’s draw some parallels. Continue reading