Offering Help to a Fellow Leader

Business colleagues sitting at a table during a meeting with two male executives shaking handsIt seemed logical and right to Fred to offer his help to the sales director.  After all, “sales is everyone’s responsibility”, acknowledged Fred, even though he was the operations manager.  Fred was watching his colleague Ryan’s area flounder in the new sales campaign, and he was sure he had some experience with the business-to-business customers that would really make a difference.  He knew that Ryan was under a lot of pressure from the CEO, and that the impact of a poor sales campaign would be devastating for the company. Continue reading

Coaching vs. Consulting – What’s the Difference?

coaching-vs-consulting“I’m frustrated with my coach,” said Eva.  “She is not helping me to solve my problems.”

Her contact in Human Resources dug a little deeper.  “What problems are you hoping she will help you to solve?”

“Well,” Eva responded, “I thought she was going to be able to give me some expert business advice to help in my decisions on the major marketing efforts we’re undertaking, but she’s asking more questions of me than giving me answers.” Continue reading

Mentoring vs. Coaching – What Do I Need?

mentoring-vs-coachingOften, we are approached to provide a ‘mentor’ for a leader, and our next step is to ask the questions that will discern the real need.  While we take this step in all requests, we listen especially intently when the request is for a mentor, because often what the client is requesting is different than our specialty in coaching. It’s not uncommon for us to redirect the client to a different type of learning relationship for the leader.  We thought it might be helpful to provide a little clarity around the two roles, how they are the same, and how they differ. Continue reading

Is Your Decision-Making Process Ethical?

Worried businesswoman receiving notificationDyonne was feeling conflicted.  The decision made by her executive team of peers was well-researched, vetted by a diverse group, and followed a similar set of decisions made in the industry.  Yet Dyonne’s gut was unsettled.  This decision made her feel squeamish.  As she shared it in confidence with a trusted advisor, she admitted that she didn’t want to have her name associated with it.  The bottom line was that Dyonne felt the decision had some ethical problems that she had a hard time reconciling. Continue reading

Individual or Group Decision – Your Choice Matters

Individual or Group Decision – Your Choice Matters“This decision is urgent and critical.  I don’t have time to bring together a group that will analyze for days before making a decision.  I need to just make the decision,” said Ian.  Was Ian right about his choice of who should who should make this ‘urgent and critical’ decision? Continue reading