What Is Your Leadership Philosophy?

saggezza stradaleIn the U.S. armed services, top-ranking officers are generally expected to craft and state their philosophy of leadership. It’s so much part of the fabric of officer training that the leadership program at the US Army War College curriculum includes a course called “The Philosophy of Leadership.”  Hmmm… where was that course in your MBA program? Continue reading

How Inspiring People Developers Create Incredible Growth

Businessman Having Discussion With Senior Mentor In Office“I have three millennials on my staff,” said Renee, “and I know they’re restless.  I’ve got to give them better development opportunities.  For that matter, I’ve got to do it with all my staff.  I’m overwhelmed, and they’re eager to do more, but they need some maturing.  I just don’t know where to start.  Should I send them to a class?” Continue reading

What Does My Leadership Reflect?

My Leadership ReflectDo you remember the story of the ugly duckling, and the moment he looks at his reflection in the water to – finally – see who he really is?  How often do we stop to take a look at what we reflect as leaders – who we’ve really become over time?  It’s a worthwhile experience, not the least because we will certainly learn more about ourselves.  That look in the water also reflects the leader others are likely to emulate.  It’s worth asking yourself if that’s the leader you’d choose to project to others as a model.

The leadership reflection that beams back at us from a sunlit lake is made up of a multitude of influences that have shaped us.  Continue reading