A Little Racism Stuck In Your Teeth?

Happy Business DealMelanie and Janet were having a good conversation.  Melanie, who is white, said to Janet, an African-American, “When I talk with you, I don’t see color.”  Janet told me later, “I know she intended it well, but of course, it denies my experiences as a black woman and suggests that I have—good for me—successfully become acculturated with whites.” Continue reading

Handling an Askhole

Confused or doubtful young man shrugging with palms openYep, you heard that title right.  No misspelling there.  This blog post is about askholes, and how you deal with them at work – and for that matter, in the rest of your life.

So let’s establish who we’re talking about.  The Urban Dictionary has lots of definitions, but here are a couple that you’ll recognize from your interactions at work:

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How Do I Work with an Arrogant Person?

businessman with his hands behind his headOf all the idiosyncrasies of people, one of the most insufferable is working (or more accurately, attempting to work) with someone who is really arrogant and self-centered.  The checklist of characteristics can include:

  • “What’s in it for me” overrides all other considerations. Everyone owes them enormous benefits, no matter the amount of effort they put in.
  • They have an agenda. You are their friend as long as you’re helping them to advance their agenda (and their ego).  You are dropped, and maybe even bad-mouthed, when you are no longer feeding them.

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