What Differentiates the Most Successful Executives?

Business woman presenting a copyspace.Brian knew he was the likely successor to the CEO at his company, something that he both relished and that gave him pause.  “I want to be the best possible executive I can be,” he said, “but I’m not sure I know what the hallmarks of success are.  What am I shooting for?” Continue reading

Does Your Executive Team Add Value?

Group Of Business People Having Meeting In OfficeLet’s see if you can find familiar ground in any of these common complaints about your senior leadership team.  A senior manager presents the Executive Team with the approach to achieve the company’s most crucial strategy and asks for their blessing to proceed, and….

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The Altruism Revolution

The Altruism RevolutionEckhart Tolle, the author of A New Earth, tells a story of a businessman who spent two years of intense stress developing a new product that would make a lot of money for his company.  He succeeded in developing the highly successful product, but Tolle questions the definition of success: Continue reading

How Integrity Drifts

Business People. Successful Business Partner Shaking Hands in thWhen news comes out about the bad decisions made by companies like Takata, accused of sacrificing safety to profits in its airbags, and even more recently, Volkswagen, where employees knowingly colluded in deceiving emissions testing equipment, we shake our heads, wag our fingers at these deviants, and proclaim with certainty, “It couldn’t happen here.” Continue reading