Getting Communication Right

Group of Business People Meeting with SymbolsWhen leaders talk to us about the things they most want to improve in their business lives, one of the most prominent requests is to learn how to communicate effectively, especially around change that needs to occur, both one-on-one and in groups or public venues.  They want to assure that messages are understood, and that people feel motivated and willing to share the journey.  They want to feel believed and connected. Continue reading

Overcoming Defective Ears

Young businessman holds his hand near ear.Close up portraitFive-year-old Elizabeth was describing the rules of a board game to Carlos.  He, a native Spanish speaker, was struggling a bit with her rapid-fire, lisp-tinged English, and frequently asked her to repeat her instructions.  Elizabeth, exasperated, shouted, “Carlos, your ears are defective!  I’m telling you, and you don’t understand!” Continue reading

Leadership for the Nimble Organization

active girlThe word ‘agile’ gets tossed around a lot these days among business gurus.  Although it achieved fame in the software development industry, referring to a method for rapid software development, it has found its way into the business lexicon to denote an ability to move quickly and easily as the business environment shifts.  The trouble is, that ‘quickly and easily’ is pretty elusive for a lot of organizations. Continue reading

What Really Pumps Employee Engagement?

In a recent post (, Mark C. Crowley, author of Lead from the Heart, shared some sobering news from a recent Gallup poll:

U.S. Employee Engagement November 2015“According to Gallup, growth in (employee) engagement has remained flat for most of 2015 – and we’ve seen little more than a two-point increase over the past two and one-half years.” Continue reading