When All They See is the Glass Half Empty

half full or half emptyLittle is more maddening in a work environment than the perpetual pessimists, those who can never see the glass as half full.  You know the type.  They’re the ones who:

  • Use absolutes. “That has never worked around here.”  “We always run into problems with that.”  “Everyone is struggling with the new system.”
  • Use the exception to define the rule. “We tried that once five years ago, so we know it doesn’t work.”
  • Can never finish a sentence on a positive note. “That sounds like a really good idea, but….”
  • Weight bad experience more heavily than good experience. “Yes, that process worked most of the time, but when it didn’t work, it created gigantic problems.”
  • Always contribute to the ‘cons’ column; never to the ‘pros’.

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The Real Cost of Workplace Jerks

proud businessman loser signUsing this checklist, can you think about someone in your workplace who exhibits some of these behaviors?

  • Belittling people or their ideas
  • Excluding someone from a meeting who should have a voice
  • Ignoring someone in a conversation
  • Failing to respond when greeted
  • Impatiently interrupting someone who is expressing a point of view
  • Failing to acknowledge someone who enters a group
  • Expressing criticism; rarely finding the good in anything
  • Being demanding of people, even when it doesn’t matter to results

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