Driving Beyond Individual Recognition

Fotolia_64346024_XSRamon was making outstanding strides as a leader.  He was identifying each of his team members’ capabilities and giving them just the right type of development.  For those who were really confident and strategic, he gave them all the rope they needed to run highly visible projects – and to accept all the credit for them.  As his staff achieved their wins, they needed him less to run interference with senior executives, nor even to advocate for their career growth.  They were blossoming into recognized leaders themselves.  Ramon was thrilled to see their progress, yet he had a gnawing question in the back of his mind: “How do I remain visible and recognized while putting others forward?” Continue reading

The Inadequacy of Succession Planning

Succession PlanningDoes your organization have a good succession plan?  Yes?  What happens if tomorrow new technology completely upends your product, and you need new expertise, or different customer relationships?  Will the same people be the right ones to move through your succession process in order to address these market disruptions? Continue reading

When the Performance Review Disappears

JahresgesprchA galloping new trend that has gone beyond the youth-dominated tech industry and into the more venerable bastions of corporate stability like GE and Cigna is a move away from the performance rating – and in many cases, the annual performance review as well.  What is driving this trend, and what does it suggest for today’s leaders? Continue reading

Transitioning from Operational to Strategic

StrategyIt’s almost a career rite of passage.  At some point in a career, a leader who has advanced because of exceptional skills in managing work – projects or operations – is faced with a challenge.  In order to advance further, his or her leadership needs to shift focus.  Dial back the daily demonstration of skill sets around organization, detailed planning, directing, monitoring, and quality control – and dial up/enhance skill sets around delegation, anticipation, synthesis, and communication of vision. Continue reading