From Idea Person to Implementer

Young BusinessmanGeorge is, by all accounts, brilliant, passionate, and motivating, able to articulate a vision that even the CEO can’t do as effectively.  He intuitively understands customer desires before they even realize them, and his reputation with vendors gives him the ability to request experiments.  In a rapidly changing industry, George is pure gold for his company.  Except for one thing, and it’s badly tarnishing his shiny image.  He can’t turn his incredible vision into reality – and he’s grinding up his staff in the process. Continue reading

The Most Important Cautionary Tales of Leadership

mareIn last week’s post, we offered a crash course in how to become a great leader.  Today, we’ll help you not to mess up your newfound reputation.  The list of things leaders do to torpedo their careers or their credibility is long, but there are some common themes.  No one intentionally sets a foot in the muck; more likely, eyes focused on something else, they don’t see the mess coming.  So today’s blog post cherry-picks (or rotten-apple picks, perhaps) from the long list of leadership gaffes to prompt you with the main things you’ll want to watch for, as discovered in the last three years of our blog posts.

The five main behaviors that cause problems for leaders are these: Continue reading

The Pinnacle of Leadership

Klettern zum Gipfel am steilen FelsForget the MBA – we’ve condensed all you need to know about being a great leader into a single blog post!  Think that’s oversimplifying?  Well, what we’ve done is look back over almost three years of research around the elements of great leaders, as shared with you in our blog posts over time.  The themes emerge readily.  And while there’s consistency in what it takes to be a good leader, there is downright inspiration in describing the people who are at the pinnacle of leadership. Continue reading

Overcoming a Career Setback – Jeff’s Story

45b34c90-93bb-4503-ae58-32f74726c8b7Jeff was a rising star in his early years in the organization.  He had a compelling strategic perspective of the work he was doing, and always saw past the short-term goals to be able to assure a longer-range vision was being achieved.  This unique skill won him great performance reviews and repeated promotions.  He soon was leading a high-impact division.  Then the bottom fell out. Continue reading

Intentional Career Growth– Laura’s Story

woman in formal wear walking up stairsLaura wanted to grow herself and her reputation – in a big way.  She had set her sights on roles in the organization with major impact, and she knew that, despite a robust reputation for getting things done as a stellar project manager, she needed to demonstrate a much broader skill set.  And she needed to also recreate the organization’s image of her as one-dimensional, strong in just a few exceptional skills that drowned out any others.  Laura accomplished this monumental self-renewal in a short period of time, through a set of careful, consistent and intentional actions.  She’s a poster child for responsible career growth – and she agreed to share her plan!  Here are some of what Laura found to be the keys to her intentional career growth. Continue reading