When Involvement is Not Welcome

Getting aware of business newsJeff loved involving his staff in decisions.  He recognized that as an entrepreneur, his penchant for strategy and bold new ideas needed to be tempered with other perspectives to form viable offerings for the company.  He also knew from his self-study that involvement is a key motivator for staff.  Imagine his astonishment, then, when a 360-degree assessment showed very low scores for ‘involving others in decisions affecting their work’! Continue reading

Involvement – What Do They Want?

to disputeAs a leader, you’ve heard it as a request, and maybe even as a complaint: managers and employees wanting more ‘involvement’ in the decisions of the organization.  How often have you been frustrated, because you thought you’d already ‘involved’ them?  How often have you said to yourself, “We’ll never get anything done around here if every decision has to be made by full consensus of everyone touched by it?” Continue reading

No Time for Respect

businesswomanEric passed Julie in the hallway, nearly pushing her against the wall as he bustled past, head down.  “And hello to you, too, boss,” called Julie to the retreating and unresponsive form of her manager.

Nadine mockingly put down her employee Adam in a meeting, “Well, that statement was pretty typical of your shoot-from-the-hip style with no interest in data.”

In the middle of a meeting with his employee Joyce, Bruce picked up his ringing phone without so much as an apology and spent 10 minutes making plans for his weekend golf outing. Continue reading

The Challenges of Power

5dd9c283-b592-48c5-9c20-2fe9760fefefYou’ve worked your way to the top echelon.  You’re in a great position in your career.  People listen to you; even better, they seek you out.  They want your input and your blessing on their ideas.  You have a lot of influence on the direction of your organization, maybe even your industry.  You have the ability to bring in the people you believe will help to make your vision become reality.  This is what you aspired to for a long time, and you’ve arrived at this success on your own merits, without harming anyone else in the process.  What could possibly get in the way of continuing your successful track record? Continue reading

Taking Control of Others’ Impressions of You

Beratungsgesprch: Bank Kauffrau mit KundeHave you ever had this experience?  After meeting someone new, finding out she thought you were a shy introvert, when you consider yourself outgoing and warm?  Or having someone comment that you come across as arrogant, or overbearing, or any number of less-than-complimentary adjectives?  Or having your first chance at a meeting with your organization’s top management, and walking away with the feeling they were underwhelmed by you?  Or worse yet, that they didn’t even notice you?  How often have you wondered after the fact how you could have made a better impression? Continue reading