The Art of Learning from Mistakes

Learn from mistakesIn response to a recent blog post in which we characterized errors as ‘unfortunate’, one of our readers, Elizabeth, called us to task.  She wrote that making errors is not a failure when we learn from them, and ended, “Please consider avoiding putting down our mistakes; we can’t have a life without them.”  Let us acknowledge publicly Elizabeth’s unadorned wisdom.  No leader is immune from errors, and we need to take them in rather than close them out.  Thank you, Elizabeth. Continue reading

Leadership Trend – Collective Leadership

business people communication net“Leadership development has come to a point of being too individually focused and elitist. There is a transition occurring from the old paradigm in which leadership resided in a person or role, to a new one in which leadership is a collective process that is spread throughout networks of people.” Continue reading

Leadership Trend – Honesty and Transparency

Loyalty and trustAccording to Forbes contributor Dan Schawbel, one of the ten most significant 2015 workplace trends for 2015 is this one:  “Honesty becomes a revered leadership trait.”  After the initial temptation to dismiss it with a snicker, we wondered what made Dan elevate that one behavioral trait to a top position in a sea of more statistically-defined trends such as hiring practices. Continue reading

Changing Behavior – “It Doesn’t Feel Like Me!”

training to writeWho said growth was easy?  What have been the more challenging times in your career?  Changing from careful individual perfectionism to delegation and oversight?  Learning to think more strategically?  Modifying management habits that weren’t working successfully?

And what made those transitions so difficult?  In the wailing outpouring of a client, “When I do this new stuff, it doesn’t feel like me!” Continue reading