Social Media Policies that Work

Social Media Road SignAsking a group of small business owners what keeps them awake at night, one interesting comment got a lot of discussion: “I worry about my employees inadvertently embarrassing themselves and the company – or worse yet, causing the company legal problems – by what they post on social media.  And it’s not what they do on company time that worries me – it’s what they unwittingly do on their own personal posts that I fear could cause problems.”  The reaction from the group of business owners confirmed that there is a good deal of worry, lack of information, and confusion about a company’s ability to control fallout from its employees’ off-the-clock social media activity. Continue reading

When New Technologies Meet Old Social Norms

technologies in officeGary grew more and more offended as his senior colleague, sitting in on his presentation of a major new direction for the company, kept looking at his watch. “He just wants out of here,” thought Gary, “and he’s signaling his impatience to everyone.”  Gary finished his presentation as quickly as he could, giving little time for questions. Continue reading

Revenge is Sweet, but Costly in the Workplace

Businessman holding knife behind his back.Over and over again, Dan found ways to take credit for work and ideas of his colleagues and staff.  And over and over again, his colleagues and staff plotted in the hallways and cafeteria to arrange for Dan’s comeuppance.  Every email sent to Dan was blind-copied to a host of others, to assure no one would mistake who had suggested what.  Dan’s reputation was whispered to interviewees contemplating jobs in Dan’s division.  And while Dan was on vacation, his colleagues took his major platform project to senior management, with condemning evidence of his rampant stealing of others’ ideas as his own, and demanded management action against Dan. Continue reading

Lies vs. Truth, or Lies vs. Attention?

Deception.Mark Twain said that “one of the most striking differences between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives”.  Lies are incredibly durable and pervasive in our lives, both social and business.  We lie to protect ourselves and others, we lie out of fear, we lie to get something we want.  Research shows that lying is really the norm, not the exception.  We’ve been programmed to say and do what works for us. Continue reading