When What’s Not Said Dominates the Conversation

Here are three recent scenarios from our clients.  Read them carefully, because we’re staking a bet on them.

In the first, a client started his conversation with his coach by stating that he was sure that his boss, the CEO, was angry with him, though nothing had been expressly communicated to him.  He was seeking the coach’s advice on how to deal with this perceived anger. Continue reading

Five Ways Leaders Short-Circuit Their Growth

Name someone you know who was a rising star in your organization, or in an organization you know well, and who suddenly was no longer on the move.  We all have a name we can put to that question.  Sometimes it’s perplexing to try to discern what caused the change in fortune for these falling stars, but more often, we can smugly or sadly point to exactly what got in the way. Continue reading

Ten of the Worst Ideas in Leadership

Having posted a blog suggesting, “Ten of the Best Ideas in Leadership” several months ago, we were encouraged to address ten of the worst ideas as a follow-up.  Here, then, are some practices that have either outlived their effectiveness or were never good ideas to begin with! Continue reading

Tomorrow’s CEO – What Will He/She Need to Do Well?

In an era in which we are rightly stressing high involvement of all the good minds in an organization, a countervailing phenomenon seems to be emerging.  Recent research suggests that the personal impact on business success measures of one person in the organization – the CEO – has been increasing steadily over the decades.  As reviewed by the Harvard Business Review in a recent blog post, this research (Has the “CEO effect” increased in recent decades? A new explanation for the great rise in America’s attention to corporate leaders, by Timothy J. Quigley and Donald C. Hambrick, Journal of Strategic Management, May 4, 2014) suggests a reason for this phenomenon: Continue reading

Tomorrow’s CEO – What Will Be His/Her Career Trajectory?

Throw away today’s notions of career paths and succession plans.  Nothing so neat and tidy will define the route to the top in the future.  The planned grooming of future leaders will be a much messier, more opportunistic process.

Don’t believe it?  The ability of a company or organization to control its own destiny is being assailed on many fronts.  Consider some of these trends: Continue reading