Making Chickens into Pigs: Establishing Commitment

Annette’s frustration level belied her matter-of-fact outline of what she hoped to achieve in our time together. When I suggested that maybe there was something to get off her mind first, she blurted out a question:  “How can I turn a bunch of chickens into pigs?”  Seeing my perplexity, she reminded me of the old riddle:
Question: In a bacon-and-egg breakfast, what’s the difference between the Chicken and the Pig?
Answer: The Chicken is involved, but the Pig is committed. Continue reading

Modifying Expectations to Master Reality

Those of us who live in the northeastern half of the United States and Canada have been quite indignant about this year’s winter.  This unrelenting cold and snow is not what we have come to expect from winter.  “Where’s the January thaw we always get?”  “It’s not right that we’re colder than Alaska!”  “We never have to deal with more than one 10+-inch snowfall a year!” Continue reading

The Opposite of Stress

Bursting with pride is a common expression.  Today, bursting with stress might be added to the lexicon.  Among the many dangers of high stress levels are both foggy and wishful thinking. Focus is difficult.  Thoughts that begin with “if only…..” are abundant. Continue reading

The 8 Leadership Respect-Busters

Like the infamous slime from the movie Ghost Busters, leaders sometimes coat themselves in a thick goo of respect-busting behaviors.  The capability to offer full respect, as discussed in last week’s blog post, is a crucial skill for leaders.  Yet even the best leaders, well-intentioned, slime themselves from time to time.  There are eight common behaviors that trip up leaders and detract from their reputations as consistently respectful of others.  Here are those common ‘slimes’, and what behaviors prevent the green goo from getting you:

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