Building Trust – The Golden Bullet in Five Steps

trust golden bulletTrust is widely considered to be at a low ebb today.  Depending on whose polls and research you consider, employees’ trust of their bosses and their organization’s management ranges from a low of 7% to a high of 49%.  Trust of corporate leaders by the consuming public has plummeted.  The 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer, an annual survey of 31,000 people in 26 countries, shows trust of corporate leaders to tell the truth at a sobering 18%, and consumer trust of their organizations correspondingly low. Continue reading

Optimism: The Almost-Silver Bullet

optimism silver bulletIf you really want to be successful – at anything – start with building your optimism.  That’s the implication drawn from reading the research of Martin Seligman, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania.  Seligman has studied optimism for years, using different experiments and different types of people.  The results of his research are stunningly consistent: people with an optimistic attitude succeed significantly better at everything from academics to sports to business. Continue reading

How Has ‘The Best of…’ Changed?

There’s no shortage of ‘best of’ lists, especially in the field of management and leadership.  We won’t opine here on whether what’s touted as the best is really the best, pretty good, or OMG-how-did-they-come-up-with-that.  But it is instructive to look at what is tending to make it to the ‘best of’ lists that may never have been seen on the market – or if seen, dismissed – 10 years ago.  What’s considered good information for leaders today, how has it morphed over the years, and why is it emerging? Continue reading

Ten of the Best Ideas in Leadership

My colleagues and I frequently hear senior executives express concern that they aren’t able to stay on top of the endless stream of new books and magazine articles focusing on topics pertaining to successful leadership.  Most recently, one of my executive coaching clients said, “I know I would benefit from doing more reading, but even with the best of intentions, I never seem to find the time!”

This comment prompted me to attempt to capture the essence of successful leadership in a manner that even the busiest executive would likely have time to read.  Here, then, is what I’ve come up with—the top ten leadership practices for the “people side” of the organization, particularly during CHANGE:

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Five Ways Leaders Shoot Themselves in the Foot

leaders bad decisionSome leaders are legendary because they inflict fatal blows to their own careers.  They demonstrate large ethical lapses or are notoriously impolitic in their emotional outbursts.  Though most leaders aren’t that overtly violent in harming themselves, they may still be causing damage to their own success, often unknowingly and certainly unintentionally.  There are five areas in which it is particularly easy to shoot yourself in the foot as a leader.

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