4 Societal Trends Worth Optimizing in Your Workplace

It pays to observe the trends around us.  When something becomes socially acceptable and even ‘awesome’, it gives us options for new ways of working and interacting.  In fact, those social trends may change our workplace habits without our being aware of it.  But leaders who stay close to what’s being adopted outside of the workplace and find ways to put those trends to work inside their businesses are savvy indeed!  Here are four current trends that are worth optimizing in your workplace. Continue reading

Has Society Crept into Your Workplace? A Culture Quiz

Think your company has an unassailable culture?  One that you’ve carefully cultivated over time?  Would you notice if it started to subtly change?

One of my clients, the CEO of a successful business with a well-deserved reputation for outstanding customer focus and staffed with dedicated professionals, reported over time an increasing unhappiness with his job:  “I don’t enjoy being here any more.  I don’t like what’s happening.”  He had a hard time putting his finger on what it was that caused his discomfort.  When he did, it was an even more troubling realization: “People in the company – and especially some of my top people – aren’t doing what’s right for the firm, only what they see as benefitting themselves.”  He went on to describe diversions of blame when goals were not met, lack of personal accountability to the firm’s goals, and decisions in one line of business that disadvantaged others.  He wondered how such a reputable and caring culture could have shifted without his seeing it sooner. Continue reading

Be Good To Yourself: Appreciate Someone

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”  The 17th-18th century French philosopher Voltaire captured an amazing paradox. He recognized that the action of appreciating others has significant benefit not only for those we appreciate, but also for ourselves. Continue reading

Nurturing Your Leadership Spirit – More Than Self-Care

Nurture is such a warm word, isn’t it? It feels like your mother is right next to you. It feels like you are buoyed by someone else’s loving care. Indeed, one of the definitions of nurturing is caring for or looking after. When you nurture yourself, you do things to look after yourself. Much has been written about self-care in our 24/7, technology-enabled (and sometimes disabled) culture. You nurture yourself when you take time to eat well, to sleep longer hours, to exercise more, to spend time with those you love. Those are caring things you do for the person you love – you! Continue reading

Chicken Dancing or Ballet Dancing? The Leadership Art of Diplomacy

chicken dancing or ballet dancing

Ever notice how big the egos are in your organization?  Duh.  That’s like asking if you noticed how big your paycheck is.  Ego – and the competition among egos – is on display every day in organizations.  Sometimes it looks like the chicken dance: one person does something, others follow and try to do the same or outdo the first person, and pretty soon everyone is in the dance as the pace speeds up and the competition escalates to win the ‘outdoing’ game.  The difference is, it’s not as much fun as the chicken dance.  Escalating egos can create challenges to getting things accomplished. Continue reading