From Manager to Leader to Multiplier: 4 Characteristics of a Multiplier Leader

In distinguishing between management and leadership, a common – and good – differentiation is that we have an obligation to obey managers, but we choose to follow leaders.  That has engendered a whole literature on what it takes to be a leader who is worthy of being followed, and it’s resulted in training of leaders to be more strategic, more compelling, better delegators, better communicators.  And yet, the essence of what makes an outstanding leader is not about what he/she does personally; it’s about what he/she does in relation to other people.  The best – the very best – leaders make more leaders.  They develop leaders out of every person they encounter and multiply their value to an organization. Continue reading

Five Sure-Fire Steps to Prevent Burnout

Burnout has gone from being the occasional common cold to being an epidemic in the work world.  Executive leaders in every industry and every role describe feeling overwhelmed by almost 24/7 demands on their attention, even while not at work.  They talk about feeling distracted and unable to focus.  They feel guilt and anger.  And they’re getting signals from colleagues and family that the situation impacts those around them. Continue reading